Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I havent had much of a chance to post. I got a job at walmart(yay!) So I have succombed to the joys of running around a store like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to smile and not snap at angry customers, and 9 hour shifts. All for a mere 8 bucks an hour. All because I do not have my STNA yet, so I cant get into any of the other nursing homes around here. I am in school for medical billing, but really want to be a nurse. I am supposed to go for a meeting at COTC on the 9th, so I can find out the prereq's for the ADN(associates degree in nursing). If I can get my ACT or SAT's done soon, I can get into the college of nursing I want to go to, and I can get my Bachelors Degree in nursing in 3 years instead of 4.

Anyway, I have started 2 projects. I had a third, but I think I am just going to take it apart. I am making a shawl for a former resident, and a baby blanket, that hopefully I can give to a friend of mine,if she has a girl....fingers crossed :)

So I am off here for now, going to bed just for another days work tomorrow. Cant wait...and if you believe that, I'll tell you another one.

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