Friday, January 2, 2009

new year resolutions

So its the new year...and I have decided to think of a everyone else does at the beginning of a new year. So here it goes:

Im actually going to try to post more than one blog a month... I was looking at the archives, and my blog was pitiful last year!

I am going to try to complete every project I start...I am soooo bad for starting a project, and never finishing it, or not finishing until 6 months after I start it...wish me luck,lol.

I have a goal of signing up for at least one craft show this year...and having enough projects to sell/present.

Get my STNA certification. I will do my best to get it this year. I want to go back to aid work so bad...

Lose a little weight(and sure enough...i am all gung ho for this,as I sit here eating oreo pudding...and come december 31st I will be thinking of how much I am going to try and lose for next year!!) Seriously, I do need to lose some weight. I'm almost positive it will help me breathe better and my hips and back wont bother me so much. No Im not ginormously huge or anything....but I am still overweight. I know I wont be the glorious size 4 I once was, but a size 8/9 would be rather nice.

Let things bother me less. Generally I am a pretty quiet person...but there are some things that drive me kids being in my kitchen! I'm sorry, but when I was growing up, the kitchen was were us kids did homework, or ate.... and it was were the adults hung out to play cards and talk. Other than that, the kitchen was off kids think its the playroom because parents could care less..... But Im going to try to lay off, and not be so much of a meanie,lol. far thats my list....I am going to say though, I am proud of myself. Last year, one of my goals was to have a job for the whole year...and I did it. For the first time in my life, from Jan.1 2008 to now, I have not went a day during the year without a job. I have been steadily working since September 2007 to now. And hopefully I can continue that.