Thursday, March 12, 2009

The wonderful world of needlecraft

I have been so busy the last month working on baby items. I am very proud of myself. I have built up quite a collection. I have completed one custom order for a lady on Etsy. She wanted a newborn hat, done in an oatmeal colored cotton. So I made one, and got 8 bucks out of it. I also have a local custom order for 2 baby blankets for a lady who came into where I work, and saw what I was working on. She is giving me 30 bucks for a blue and white shell baby blanket, and a yellow and white shell baby blanket.

I still feel somehow like I have shorted myself with this order though. But in one aspect, I guess I cant complain, because I am making these with yarn that I already have and so I dont really have to go out and spend the money to get materials for them.

So now here are some pictures of some recently completed projects:

Knitted Lilac Heart Dishcloth

My little haybug, modeling my newest project. I had bought a pattern from and it was to be a little sweater, pants,booties and a bonnet, for a 0 to 3 month baby....and as you see, it is kinda bigger than that,lol. My 4 year old fit the sweater fine. I also modified the pattern, so instead of it being long sleeved, it is a cap sleeved, with purple edging. I am still working on the pants.

My beautiful Lace Halter. I bought the pattern for this at . Chelle has some absolutely beautiful designs, and I will be purchasing more here really soon :)

And this is my very own design....which is a first, and hopefully not last, for me. I actually came up with this when a customer on Etsy was being very picky and didnt like any of the halter patterns I showed her, and got rude really quick. So I got rude back. I spent a lot of time trying to find something for her, and designed this,just for her to turn it down. Was not happy!

Currently OTN/HOOK:

1. Matching pants for sweater

2. Cotton Shells Baby Blanket

3. Adult sized halter top

I am slowly getting the things built up so I can do at least one craft show this year.

So I am off here for now... :)