Friday, February 13, 2009


Ok. I totally have went off my whole new years thing, and have yet to continuosly post on here,lol.

Not much has gone on. I moved....if thats what you really want to call it. My neighbor and her husband split up and he moved out, so she asked me to switch apartments. So she has my old small apartment, and i have this GI-normous apartment downstairs. Pure awesomeness!!! 2 bedrooms on the main level, and a 3rd bedroom in the basement, plus 2 full baths. The basement has a "second" living room, a.k.a the bar/game room as it has a bar in it...hehe!

I actually have space for my crafts. But what Im even more excited about is that I got my skip stitch blade and rotary cutter in the mail the other day. Now I can start making my fleece blankets with crocheted edges around them. A great way to still be able to crochet, but have a quick project at the same time, since blankets tend to be time consuming.

Well, Im off to unpack some more and put things away. Happy valentines day to everyone :)