Thursday, September 13, 2007


I put a hold on the socks and everything I am making, just to make a sweater for my son. His birthday is next Wednesday, but I am having a party for him Saturday. My ex husband is being a jerk, which isnt anything new,lol. I told him I didnt have the money to get him anything for his birthday,so he told me that he would take me out and get something for him. Then he turns around and asks if the presents he buys are staying with him for his party that he is gonna have for trent at his place. So I said screw it and am making a quick sweater for him. Who needs money when you have yarn and needles?

So I am making this sweater:,1789,HGTV_3263_3298694,00.html

I modified it a little bit, cause it is gonna be for a one year old, not an infant. So instead of casting on 32, I casted on 72 for the back, and 36 for each front piece, and i am not quite sure how i am gonna do the sleeves yet. I am using peaches n creme cotton yarn in Sea Mist, on size 10 needles. It is turning out nice so far.

Well, back to knitting. I will post a pic of the sweater progress later,after I find the cord,hehe.

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