Friday, December 19, 2008

Busy month

I hate December. Well, I guess I wont say I hate it, but it is just way to busy for my liking. Too much to do and not enough time to do it.

My daughters birthday is tomorrow. Ms.Erinn will be 6. So I was going to get her a Wii or a nintendo DS for her birthday, but we decided to get her a phone. Yeah, so I can hear you other parents of 6 year old children gasp "Oh my god you got a 6 yr. old a phone? What kind of a mom are you?"

So here's my theory.... Wii system $265.44....Nintendo DS 175 bucks(Wal Mart website you can buy a bundle pack....just the system is like 129.00). Say she decides to get cute and breaks either one....I am out a nice chunk of change. So my husband suggests getting her a phone. With the restrictions, she can only talk to family. And I have it set to where she can only use her phone during certain times of the day. Plus if something does happen to it...I don't have to go back to the store, wait in line, and put the smack down on someone over a friggin game system, because it just happens to be the last one in stock. I call insurance, make a claim, pay a lousy 50 bucks and get a phone next day....Much easier. It in a sense teaches her a little responsibility, plus if she is at a friends house, and needs to reach me or her dad, she can.

So I guess if me wanting to teach my 6 year old some responsibility is wrong, than I guess that constitutes me as a bad mom. Boo-Hoo.

So I'm about 20 rows away from being finished with the eagle on the blanket. I have to add on both the top and bottom to make it blanket size, or its going to be good enough to be a wall hanging. I doubt it will happen, but I'd like to have it done for Christmas. I am also working on some hats for the kids and my niece. I also got me one of those knifty knitter long loom sets. I am working on a scarf right now. I am about halfway finished with it. It works up quick.

So if I don't get to post before Christmas...hope its great for everyone.

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