Thursday, September 6, 2007

cant think of a title

I got a little more done on the first sock. I am now at the heel flap. Maybe, just maybe, I will have it done today. I will be able to get batteries for my camera today, so I will post pics!!!

I started a baby hoodie last night. I got the first 6 rows done. The main reason I started it, even though I have a project on the needle, is because my sock pattern is online, and my boyfriend had my computer. I was bored and wanted something to do, so I started it. It will be a cream color, and the yarn I am using is Bernat Soft Boucle. I have only worked with this sort of yarn one other time, and it was to make a pair of mittens. They turned out nice,but they were a pain to make. Hopefully this will be easier.

I have a whole list of things to make before Christmas. Everyone is mostly getting socks. So I am pretty sure I get to hear a bunch of griping and grumbling because I didnt go out and spend a bunch of money to buy something fancy. My family isnt like that, but it seems like my boyfriends is. So I am really looking forward to this Christmas.

Well, I am off here for now. I will post more later.

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