Sunday, September 2, 2007


Well,I am back again after a long break of blogging. I lost my other posts, so I had to restart.

I am now starting to get back into knitting full time again. I am currently working on a plain jane pair of socks. You can see a picture and get the pattern free at:

It is a pdf pattern ( adobe reader) so it is a must to have adobe acrobat reader.

The good thing about this pattern is that is is in various sizes and it isnt specified for a specific gender. It is for both guys and gals. And the best part is that you can make these socks for someone who has really big feet, hehe. My boyfriend does, and I kind of put my foot in my mouth. He asked when I would make him a pair...and I told him that I would when I found a pattern for his big bohemian feet(size 16!!). Not even 5 minutes after saying this.... voila! A pattern. So now he gets a pair.

I also have another sock pattern I have set aside. The pattern comes from Coats and Clark ( Red Heart Pattern). It is worked with Strata Yarn, which works up nice and is evenly set. Here is the link to this pattern:

I am almost finished with the first sock. I am working on the toe. But I am not really making them for anyone inparticular, so I am in no big hurry to finish. The campfire socks from Cider Moon are for a friend of mine. It seems like a pretty easy pattern. I will post pics of my progress later, once my camera has new batteries.

One last question????

When knitting a pair of socks, how do you keep from creating a "ladder"? Basically where the stitches are separated on the dpn's. Can anyone give me an idea???


knitting by Steph said...

when you go to the next needle, pull a little tighter after you knit the first two or three stitches. Make sense?

Brandy said...

yes.thank you.i tried that, and i finally got a pair that wont have a ladder. yay!! back last year i tried to make a pair of socks and no matter what i could not get rid of the ladder. so i gave up after the first sock.