Monday, September 3, 2007


Ok. So I am looking around online, and I am trying to find a nice knitting template...that isnt a zip file.Does anyone know where I can find one. I want a knitting one because.... well everyone should know,hehe.

Anyway, I am not even close to having a sock done. I havent had much of a chance to knit, and I cant blame it on my kids, cause they arent here!! I want to post pics, but batteries are still an issue.

I am thinking of things to make the family for christmas.. I hear it now..." You're thinking about christmas, and it is the begining of September!!!!" Yes, I am. Because as big as my family is, it's gonna take awhile to get things done. I know I want to make a certain scarf for a few people, but I cant find it. Some sort of Norwegian(SP) scarf. My dogs ate my pattern. ( sound familiar?) Really, they did.

So I have come to the conclusion that I am gonna buy a muzzle for both, because they love paper, and YARN!!!! Oh, and my needles. The joys of being a dog owner....

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