Tuesday, January 1, 2008

let it snow....

its been a long time since i posted anything, and I just happen to be knitting,since it is cold and snowing, so I figured I would write a bit.

I am so glad the holidays are over. The stress of the holidays are gone and I can now get back to my knitting, without deadlines.

I started a purse a few days ago. It is a beaded purse.Quite nice. And it is working up nicely too. I love the feel of the needles and fabric in my hands and love the sounds metal needles make clicking together. A lot of people look at me strange when it comes to my obsession of knitting. It is an obsession only a knitter can understand.

I still have a bunch of projects that have yet to be done. My work schedule is now allowing me to have a little more time to knit, so one of my many new years resolutions is to complete my unfinished projects. We'll see how far this gets me.......

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