Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It is really cold out today, and kinda gloomy. So here I sit on my new loveseat...I got a new couch too. I love it. The love seat has two recliners on it. So I have my new comfy spot when I knit and crochet,or play guitar hero,lol.

I havent worked much on my projects. I actually went through all of my craft totes Friday evening, and have reduced my stash from over 4 totes, down to 2 totes. I took apart most of my projects, except for 2, and all the tangled yucky yarn got pitched and the yarn I knew I would never use, I gave away. So now I have one large tote with yarn, and a tote for projects, and now I just need to go through all of my books, and weed out what I will never use. I literally have books that I bought just for one project in it. So yeah, time to go through them,lol.

I am currently working on my eagle afghan. It is turning out pretty good. It is my first big chart afghan, so I am kinda proud. After I get finished with it, I have one more blanket I need to finish. Then I can get started on the pair of socks I want to make for a resident at the nursing home I used to work at.

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